Business Services at Kean University

The Office of Business Services provides leadership in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of auxiliary services essential to Kean University’s mission. Examples of these services include food service, bookstore, mail and petty cash operations. The Office also acts as a liaison with major vendors that provide these services to the University.

A business service is any industry that supports the operations, infrastructure or functions of another organization without creating a product. This is in contrast to the manufacturing sector, which creates products, and the retail sector, which sells goods. Business services companies are found in a variety of industries and offer an array of solutions including advertising, marketing, consulting, facilities management, waste handling, staffing and shipping to name just a few.

As people’s standards of living have risen over the years, many have chosen to outsource some of their personal and home maintenance tasks such as cleaning services, lawn care and car repair. This has created a need for service businesses. In addition, increased leisure time has spurred the demand for services that provide entertainment or education such as travel agencies and resorts, golf courses and guide services.

In order to succeed, a service company must design its business model to be competitive and manage costs while providing a compelling value proposition for the consumer. The most effective businesses are those that focus their resources and attention on delivering services to specific niche markets where they can generate economies of scale and build expertise in the model.