Business Services

Business services

Business services are intangible goods that are beneficial to companies but do not result in physical products. They serve a variety of marketing, production, safety, cost and convenience purposes–especially for larger organizations that may have to meet higher demands.

The value of a service is intangible and does not result in a product; instead, it is the quality of the service that matters. This can be an important barrier to entry for a service-oriented business, which requires a reputation that differentiates it from other competitors.

Some business services are produced by businesses themselves, like IT services, while others are provided by external providers, such as software companies that provide anti-virus protection or update applications to be more user-friendly. Other business services are provided by dedicated service delivery groups, also known as shared services, that offer a single, central point of contact to help manage a company’s support functions.

Shared Services

A dedicated service delivery group aims to reduce costs and improve efficiency by operating as a business within a company, utilizing a well-defined infrastructure to deliver high-value services. These groups often include human resources, finance and accounting, supply chain and other front and back-office support functions.

Construction and Renovation Services

A service provider provides companies with experienced crews to complete building or renovation projects. These workers can make improvements more efficiently and safely, allowing businesses to save time, money and resources.

Utility Services

A business service provides water, electricity and gas to employees, which helps keep workplaces functioning smoothly. They also work to maintain the property and ensure code compliance, which is necessary for health and safety reasons.