Fashion Accessories


In addition to clothing, accessories play an important role in fashion. Often selected to complement a look, they can also be used as a way to express an individual’s personality and identity. There are many types of accessories available, including jewelry, bags, and shoes. All of these are used to accessorize different looks.

Fashion can vary considerably depending on age, social class, geography, occupation, and other factors. For example, a young person dressed like a senior can look ridiculous or incongruous. Another term for fashion is “fad” or “style.” People who slavishly follow a fashion trend can be called “fashion victims.”

Fashion accessories also include footwear and head wear. Hats and gloves are fashionable and functional accessories that can enhance an outfit. Gloves can add elegant style to a formal look. Belts, too, add finishing touches to an outfit. In some cases, hats and belts can function as medical devices or stylish accessories.

Another form of fashion accessory is the umbrella. Often a piece of clothing will be fastened with a pin that has an ornament on it. Brooches are also used to decorate clothing, such as the lapel of a suit. In addition to shoes, women can accessorize with socks. Socks can be made from a wide variety of materials and styles.

As a result of globalization, clothing styles change frequently. Many clothing trends start with a certain celebrity or high-profile person and then catch on. In time, people start to wear the clothes they like and follow the same trend.