How Fashion Is Influenced by Culture and the Environment


Fashion is a multifaceted term that can refer to an entire industry, specific clothing styles, aesthetics and trends, or even a particular social movement. Fashion is influenced by cultural and socio-economic factors as well as the environment, so it can change at any time. It is often based on the idea that what was popular at one point in time can become out of style and then come back into favor in another period of history.

For example, the popular styles of the 1920s influenced the fashion of the 1970s and 1980s. This is due to the fact that people in this period were looking for ways to express themselves and feel more confident, so they started wearing certain clothes and jewelry styles that had been previously considered “out of fashion.” This is why we see so many different styles that are influenced by various cultures and historical periods.

The fashion industry is a massively profitable and influential global enterprise, so it’s easy to understand why so many people are concerned about how they look and what kind of impact their clothing choices have on the environment and society. One way that this is being addressed is through sustainable fashion initiatives. For example, the Fashion For A Cause campaign aims to promote the notion that the clothing industry can be used to positively affect the city environments and our health by using sustainable materials and producing clothing that serves its purpose as well as being stylish.