How to Define Fashion

Fashion is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise focused on making and selling clothes. It includes the designer clothes that you see at fashion shows in Paris or New York, as well as the mass-produced clothing sold in malls and markets around the world. Throughout history, we have used our clothes to show our status and identity. We have fought wars over textiles, made political statements with our garments and even used them to heal and protect ourselves.

The most basic definition of Fashion is a set of aesthetics and trends that influence the way that people dress. However, there is a fine line between fashion and style. A style is a combination of lines, shapes and forms that create a look that is unique to the wearer. A fashionable look, on the other hand, is something that a discernable proportion of a social group adopts and then makes into a trend.

A major challenge in defining Fashion is that it is constantly changing. It’s difficult to trace how a fashion goes from the bare midriffs of teenagers in 1960s England to the haute couture dresses of Paris, or how baggy jeans went from the streets of the Bronx to high-end stores like Levi’s. Popular fashions may be influenced by events, or they might simply reflect the tastes of a subculture that eventually spreads to other parts of society.

When writing about Fashion, it’s important to give examples of what the trend looks like. This helps readers to connect with the article and understand how they can use it in their own lives. Also, it’s helpful to include scenarios that showcase how the reader might use a particular item of clothing. For example, an article about shoes could feature images of models wearing the shoes with different outfits for a walk with a dog or to work.