How to Write Good News


The news is what happens in the world around us. It can be anything from a girl going to school to a car killing a pig. It can be important or interesting or both. The way a society judged what is important can change the content of the news.

It is important that people can get their news from a variety of sources. This helps them form a balanced view of what is happening in the world. It also allows them to see the wider picture, so they can be informed citizens in a democracy. The quality of the news is also important, but this is influenced by many factors including whether the story is a local or national one, how well it is told and how much detail there is.

A good news article should have a snappy headline that informs the reader about the topic while seizing their interest. It should then list the main facts, in order of importance. It should also include any additional information that might help the reader understand the story, for example, quotes from interviews or a summary of an expert’s opinion. Finally, it should be clear if the story is an editorial or a news report and make sure that all opinions are clearly attributed. It is also good practice to avoid quoting people who are not known for their reliability.