Online Gambling in the U.S.


Whether you are betting on your favorite sports team, playing online poker or virtual poker, gambling can be fun. It also can be risky, but if you are careful, it can be profitable.

Online gambling is a hot topic in the U.S., especially now that regulated gambling has been introduced. While there is still much debate about whether online gambling should be legalized, the reality is that more states are now offering the ability to place bets on sports games. Some of these states include:

New Jersey: The Garden State is one of the top states for online casino gaming. The state offers a number of convenient real money payment options.

PayPal: This is the most popular e-wallet in the U.S., and is accepted by most regulated online gambling sites. In addition to being a fast and safe way to deposit and withdraw money, it allows you to monitor your spending.

Wire transfers: Most regulated gambling sites accept wire transfers, which offer unique benefits not available with online bank transfers. However, they can be cumbersome and are often capped at a certain withdrawal limit.

Western Union: Western Union is another safe and secure method for funding your gambling account. However, you will have to make your deposit through your selected gambling site.

Pre-paid cards: If you are a tight budgeted gambler, pre-paid cards are an effective way to keep gambling transactions out of your primary card statement. Also, pre-paid cards allow you to limit your spending.