Relationships Shouldn’t Be a Place For Abuse


Whether they are romantic, platonic or non-romantic, relationships bring us a sense of belonging and meaning. They can also make us more productive, focused and creative. They can be a safe place to take risks and chase your dreams because you know you have a soft place to fall, should something go wrong. However, some people stay in relationships that aren’t really healthy for them because they’ve been told that healthy relationships take “work.” But the work that makes them happy doesn’t have to be difficult or exhausting. It might be more like the work you put into a hobby or school project that you’re really psyched about.

Relationships are also a great way to learn and improve your communication and conflict resolution skills. You can practice these by having conversations with your significant other and being open to criticism and feedback from them. However, a relationship should never be a place for abuse.

If you are being abused, then it’s time to get out and seek help for yourself. You can get support from family, friends or professionals who specialize in abuse and trauma.

There’s a lot of research that shows how important close relationships are for our mental and physical health, but it’s often qualified with words like “healthy,” “supportive” or “close.” That’s because not all relationships are equal. In fact, some are not even relationships at all. Some are simply friendships or casual hookups that lead to nothing more than sex and not much else.