Relationships – The Bonds That Hold Us Together

Relationships are the bonds that hold us together. Whether it’s a romantic bond, friendship, or the relationship with our family members, we rely on relationships to keep us emotionally supported and mentally healthy. Despite the many benefits, they can also be challenging.

The word relationship is so broad that there’s not one universal definition. It can mean a casual acquaintanceship or a formal commitment like marriage, but it can also be used to describe an informal connection between two people such as “going steady.”

In a relationship, you feel bonded to someone in a way that’s not just emotionally supportive, but is also physically intimate, as with sex. The bonded feeling is created by the brain’s release of hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin. In the beginning of a romance, these hormones often trigger a “flutter in the stomach” feeling when you think about or see your partner. Over time, however, the feelings of oxytocin and dopamine start to settle down, and the emotional intimacy grows stronger.

People in a relationship treat each other with respect and empathy. They know their needs and wants and respect each other’s boundaries. They don’t make one person their be-all and end-all — they are self-sufficient individuals who help each other out, but they also have the courage to ask for help.

During conflicts, they find ways to compromise so that they can meet their mutual needs without hurting each other. They are able to communicate openly and honestly about their concerns, even if it’s hard. They are aware of the negative effects of toxic relationships and do their best to avoid them.