The Definition of News


Using the information lifecycle as a guide, news is defined as an item of information which informs readers about current events. It is transmitted in all formats, including print, radio, television and the Internet. News may also be distributed through social media platforms.

News is an important source of knowledge about current events, but it must be factual. Journalists check news for credibility and objectivity. They also decide which facts to emphasize. Some news stories are controversial and may have negative overtones. Others are good and enlightening.

A news story is defined by a number of factors, including time, impact and popularity. A news story may be related to a specific region or a person. It may also include an element of surprise or violence. A news story may be written in a style approved by a news organization.

Traditionally, news is the first rough draft of history. Newspapers continue to break important news stories. It is important for journalists to access both sides of a story. They also need to be independent from outside influence.

News is selected by audiences, who also influence journalists’ choices. These audiences vary widely. Some groups are more interested in hard news, such as natural disasters or war, while others are more interested in entertainment stories, which may include sex, showbusiness, or human interest.

In the digital age, audiences select stories that have a strong impact on them. They also consider the news’s treatment, including clicks, shares, and recommendations.