The Ever-Changing World of Fashion

Fashion is a cultural expression that encompasses different styles, trends and aesthetics. It reflects societal development and shifts in taste and identity. The industry is multifaceted and includes clothing, footwear and accessories. Unlike other forms of art, fashion is not permanent; trends change constantly and can even revert back to past eras.

The start of continual and accelerating change in fashion can be fairly reliably dated to the late medieval period in Europe. It was during this time that shortening and tightening of male clothing, particularly shirts, began to appear. These changes were driven by a desire for more modest attire and by the growth of the textile industry, which allowed for greater and faster production of clothes.

Whether it’s the hoodies worn by many rapper musicians or the baggy pants of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, social influences are probably one of the biggest contributors to the ever changing world of Fashion. Many people look up to and try to emulate the style choices of their favourite celebrities.

Regardless of these influences, it is important to maintain a sense of individuality in the world of fashion. Experimenting with various looks and styles is not only a fun way to express oneself, but it can also give insight into sides of a person’s personality that they may have not discovered otherwise. If you are a woman with lots of curves, for instance, clothing that hugs your body will flatter your silhouette.