The Importance of Automobiles

Automobiles are a very important part of the human life today. They play a major role in passenger and goods transportation and serve as a lifeline to humans. They are a very complex mechanical system, with thousands of individual parts. The branch of Engineering which deals with the manufacture and technology of automobiles is known as Automotive Engineering.

Few inventions in modern times have had the effect on society and our lifestyle that the automobile has. It has opened up the world to us, allowing people to live where they want and not just where their job takes them. In addition, it has allowed families to travel together instead of having one person work and another family stay at home. It has increased the number of places people can go, without having to rely on expensive taxis or public buses.

It has also had some negative effects on society. It has contributed to air pollution and climate change. The exhaust fumes from cars are a large contributor to the greenhouse gases which trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere. This is a major problem for the global climate. It has also caused a lot of accidents, many of them fatal.

There are a lot of different types of automobiles in the world today, with each one designed for a specific purpose. The arrangement, choice and type of parts in an automobile depend on the purpose and use of the vehicle. For example, a vehicle designed for off-road use may need to have durable, simple systems which are resistant to extremes of operating conditions. On the other hand, a car designed for high-speed road use will need more passenger comfort and engine performance options.