What Are Business Services?

Business services are services provided to a business or organization on a contractual basis, such as consultancy, management and IT. They are a subset of economic services, providing intangible value to the customer. Business services can be delivered on a physical or digital basis and can be offered in person, remotely, or through a combination of both. Examples of business services include a telecommunications network, a software service, and a management consulting firm.

The terms of delivery for Business services may vary depending on the nature and scale of your use, and will be subject to Snap’s applicable Business Services Terms of Service, the applicable governing law and any other agreements between you and Snap. You will be responsible for providing and maintaining accounts and sub-accounts for your use of the Business Services, for ensuring that your account details are up to date, and for all activity in your Business Services accounts. You must comply with Applicable Law wherever you are located and the terms of any third-party promotions that you run through the Business Services, unless expressly agreed in writing by Snap.

Defining Business Services focuses first on the customer and on understanding their needs. It is through this that a business can create a value proposition that is a competitive advantage for itself and its customers. Another important characteristic of Business Services is that they are a service that is consumed at the same time as it is produced. This is in contrast to goods, which can be stored for future consumption or even sold at a later time.