What Is a Business Service?

A business service is an activity that supports a business yet does not produce a tangible product. It includes activities such as insurance services that provide workers’ compensation coverage, event services such as catering for industry conferences and production-related services such as a design firm that produces logos, signs and publications for business customers. Other examples include utility services that charge businesses based on their energy consumption and transportation services that deliver goods to business customers.

These activities are typically performed by employees of the business that uses them. However, they can also be performed by outside providers. Business services are usually scalable and can be adjusted based on a company’s needs. This flexibility is one of the main advantages of business services over traditional products.

In addition, business services can be used by a variety of industries. This means that companies can focus on their core business and leave noncore functions to specialists. This can lead to greater productivity and efficiency in the organization.

The qualifications required for a job in the field of Business services vary widely depending on the specific industry. For example, a career in shipping or administrative support requires a high school diploma and a strong work ethic. A more customer-focused role may require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and previous experience working with clients.