What is Fashion?

Fashion is the style, appearance and practice of dressing. It encompasses a wide range of clothing, footwear and accessories. The word is derived from the verb to fashion, which means to shape or create. Fashion is usually viewed as a reflection of popular culture, with trends often reflecting changes in society and the zeitgeist. Fashion is a multibillion-dollar global industry, which encompasses production, design, retail and marketing.

Fashion can be influenced by the emergence of new technologies and materials. It can also be influenced by the changing of social, economic and political policies. Fashion also reflects the attitudes of different societies. This can be seen in the difference between the way men and women dress.

The earliest recorded fashions appear in the late Middle Ages, where certain styles began to be copied by lower classes due to ideas that trickled down from upper class examples. This theory of fashion is known as the ‘trickle down’ hypothesis.

When choosing what to wear it is important to find your own personal style. Whether it is an understated whisper or a high energy scream, your personal style reveals who you are. A good Personal Stylist can help you discover what your style says about you and how you want to be perceived. Then we can help you translate that into an outfit that speaks clearly and confidently. Emphasize your best features by using certain cuts, colors and accessories to draw attention to them. If you have beautiful legs, for example, wear skinny jeans and skirts that graze your knees. If you have a great chest, try low necklines and sleeveless tops.