What Is Fashion?


Fashion is the prevailing style of dress or manners among a particular culture or social group. Fashion is closely connected with changes in other areas of culture, including music, art and literature. In addition to clothing, the term may also be applied to jewelry, cosmetics, and other accessories. A person’s choice of clothing can reveal their personality and social status.

Fashions vary widely between cultures, as well as within cultures. Often, they change more quickly than the culture as a whole. Some people, such as fashionistas and fashion victims, follow the latest trends closely, regardless of their personal comfort or taste. Fashions can be influenced by celebrity styles, sports teams, and the media, such as films and television shows.

Generally, fashion refers to popular style as opposed to haute couture or bespoke tailoring, which is more exclusive. However, even high fashion can become mainstream with the right distribution and marketing.

Clothes can reveal what groups people belong to – for example, goths, skaters, preps or herbs. The clothes can create a stereotype and distance between these groups, or they can indicate solidarity within them. For instance, a boy with green hair and multiple piercings wearing a designer tee shirt may be interpreted as part of the goth subculture.

Fashion is a social phenomenon, and it is difficult to determine what influences it. In general, people react to what they see around them. They take into account the cultural milieu, the media, their friends and family. They also watch sit-coms and fashion shows to find out what’s in. Fashion is an expression of creativity and individuality. It is not to be taken too seriously, however, because it can change as quickly as a mood.