What Is News?


News is the information we read in newspapers or magazines, watch on TV, listen to on the radio and find on the Internet. This information is made up of facts and figures that journalists sift through to decide which ones will be included in the story.

The decision to include or not include a particular piece of information is made by editors, news directors and news managers at newspapers, television stations and radio programs. They take recommendations from reporters and other people within the organization who are on staff.

They also look at the big picture of what is happening in the world and decide which stories are relevant for their audience. This is especially true for national television and cable news programs, which tend to consider the nation or even the world as a relevant area to cover.

A lot of the news that we read in newspapers or magazines, watch on television, listen to on the radio and find on our computer screens is dramatic. It’s usually about something that happens that has good and bad characters or situations in it, such as a robbery at a convenience store.

Another kind of story that makes it into the news is called a feature article. A feature article is a human interest story that focuses on one aspect or significance of an event or person and usually has a less formal style than a news article.

The most important thing about writing a news article is to do your research thoroughly. This means reading as much as you can about the topic and ensuring that your facts are accurate and your information consistent. You also need to proofread your work for spelling and grammatical errors.