What is News?

News is a collection of events, opinions and information that are important for society. It can be a report, an announcement or a letter to the editor. News articles are often published in newspapers, magazines, radio, television or online. They usually have a title and a short summary and are sourced from primary or secondary sources.

Some sources of News include government proclamations, royal ceremonies, laws, taxes, public health and crime, but also fashion, entertainment and sports news. The content of the news is often shaped by the prejudices and interests of the journalist or news outlet. For example, a story about a fire might focus more on the cat than the dog in it. Or a political event might be more interesting to some than an economic one. The time of occurrence is a strong factor in making News; the more recent an event, the more likely it will be reported.

The most interesting stories are generally those about people – their actions, successes or failures. Non-human events can also make news if they are unusual, spectacular or catastrophic. For instance, a natural disaster like a flood, cyclone, bushfire or earthquake may be reported, as will a political crisis, economic hardship, war or peace treaty.

When writing News, it is important to be impartial and avoid inferring your own opinion on the story. A good way to do this is to interview the subject of the story or use quotes from them. This will give the reader an opportunity to draw their own conclusions.