What Is News?


News is a way to spread information to a large number of people. A story must be interesting, important, and new. It also has to be about people. There are many different kinds of news. For example, a story about a newly discovered insect may be interesting to a niche group, but it might not be newsworthy to a wider audience. However, a discovery that could be significant to a large number of people may be newsworthy in a general news broadcast or specialist publication.

The term “magnitude” refers to large numbers, but can also refer to extreme behavior or occurrences. For example, extreme temperatures in an oven or crime can be considered newsworthy. Another type of newsworthy event can be something that is exclusive, such as an event involving a very limited number of people. In such cases, the news is likely to attract attention, and newspaper editors and reporters often use exclusivity to attract readers.

News is often brief, and the reportage may occur moments after an event. During government crackdowns, it can be difficult to prevent a story from reaching as many people as possible. But mobile devices are harder to track than traditional media outlets, and citizen journalists are emerging as a result.