What Is Newsworthy?

News is information about current events that is published in a newspaper, magazine or on television. News is often a source of entertainment, and may also be used to inform, educate, or persuade audiences. News often focuses on politics, crime, wars, natural disasters, weather, sports and other popular culture topics. The news is generally gathered through interviews, letters, investigations, research and surveys. The best news articles have a sense of urgency and capture the reader’s interest. They are unbiased, factual and based on solid evidence. They also include a logical and coherent storyline, as well as a strong and compelling headline.

There are many things that can be classified as news, and the definition of what is newsworthy can vary from society to society. For example, in some societies, news about famous people and their personal lives is of interest; it is especially interesting if the person becomes ill or falls from grace. Other societies may be interested in news about sex and other taboo subjects, or news that challenges the status quo.

A good journalist will avoid expressing their opinion in a news article and instead will let the subject of the story do that. They will ask the subject to provide a quote that can be used in the article, or they will take quotes from a public statement and cite them. If possible, a news article should be proofread by an extra person to catch any errors.