What Is Technology?


Technology refers to tools, machines, and devices used in human interactions with the environment. It’s a far-reaching term that can include anything from simple hand-held devices, to space stations and particle accelerators. Even business methods and computer software are considered a type of technology.

Technology can also be a way of thinking. For example, in the early 1900s, Thorstein Veblen popularized a view of technological change that emphasized the influence of economic factors on the speed and direction of technical innovation. This approach is sometimes called “technological determinism.”

In modern terms, the word technology has been broadened to include any device that facilitates or enhances human activities, including those outside of work. For example, many people use smartphones and tablets to manage their finances. Technology has also expanded to incorporate social media, which allows people to connect with one another.

Technological developments can have dramatic and unintended consequences. This is why it’s important to understand how new technology impacts the world, whether in a business context or in everyday life.

In addition to changing the way we interact with one another, technology can also change the nature of our relationships with each other. For example, digital media makes it easy to manipulate photographs and videos, which can impact us negatively. It’s also hard to tell if someone is being truthful online. This is because digital technology gives people the ability to hide their identities by using fake names and photos.