What Is Technology?


Technology is the use of tools and methods to manipulate the environment, including human beings. It includes a broad range of techniques, from the early stone tools to the atomic bomb. It also encompasses modern inventions, such as the printing press and the telephone.

The technology used in schools enables teachers to expand learning opportunities for students and personalize instruction. It helps increase student support and engagement, improve administrative efficiency and make the most of limited teacher time.

Today’s world is technologically advanced and has a huge impact on our daily lives, both personally and professionally. Businesses rely on advanced technologies to stay competitive and deliver high-quality products and services. For example, smartphones are powered by advanced technology that allows them to perform complex tasks quickly and accurately.

Technological advances have allowed us to improve our quality of life, from the Covid-19 vaccine to longer lifespans and better working conditions. However, there are many concerns regarding the future of technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robots.

The word “technology” comes from the Greek words techne, meaning art or skill, and logos, meaning word or discourse. The first documented use of the term in English was in 1582, and it was to describe a scientific method. It was later adapted to refer to the new ways of achieving goals that were developed from such science. Today, the term technology covers any tool or method that has been created using scientific knowledge.