What Is Technology?


Technology can be defined as a branch of knowledge that uses science to solve problems. It also deals with the relationship between humans and the environment.

Technology is an important aspect of the economy. The development of new technologies has dramatically affected human lives. For example, communication technology has changed the way people receive news. There are also new technologies that are causing environmental problems. In addition, these technologies are transforming social hierarchies.

Technology can be categorized as hard or soft. A hard technology involves a scientific domain, such as physics or chemistry. A soft technology includes an application area, such as management or sociology. In the past, people used a variety of technologies to address a problem.

In the 1960s, a critique of technological determinism emerged. It was similar to the work of Walter Sombart in 1911. Both authors examined the causal relationship between a technological advance and a society’s values.

In the 1970s, there was a concern over appropriate technology. This concern led to the formation of the eco-village movement. It was a reaction against new technologies that had the potential to harm individuals, groups, and the environment.

The term “technology” came from the Indo-European root tek. It originally referred to a skill for working with wood. Soon, it broadened to include expertise in specialized areas.

Technology has many different meanings for different people. It can be an important part of the economy or a harmful waste. It is important to understand how people shape technology.