What Makes News?


News is anything that people talk about or hear on the radio, in the newspapers or on television. It should be interesting and informative, based on real events or things that have happened in the world around us, and it should not be boring.

News Values: What Makes News?

A journalist will often cross check the news that they are reporting before it is published, to ensure it is factual and not influenced by any bias or personal opinion. This is important for credibility, objectivity and fairness in all types of media – for example, newspapers, magazines and television.

The news can be about people, events or places in the world, but it can also be about animals, weather and even natural disasters. For example, the news of a drought in Australia or an earthquake in New Zealand is a story about a natural event, but it can also be news about people who are affected by it, such as farmers who have lost crops.

News can also be about money – school fees, taxes, food prices, wage rises and compensation claims are all examples of stories that could be considered news. These could be about people who are suffering financially, or it could be about people who are trying to help others in need.

The news is usually about people or events that affect them. It can also be about animals, insects or natural disasters, but it should always be about people, unless the event is of a nature that does not affect people directly.