How to Write Good News


News is the events and activities that happen in the world around us. It may consist of things that are important to people like crops, weather conditions, animals and diseases or it could be the opinion of a famous person. People are interested in the opinions of people they respect – such as politicians, celebrities and religious leaders. They are also interested in stories about famous people and the lifestyles that they lead.

Whether it is in print or online, a news article should be factually correct and engaging. It should also be as brief as possible so that people will read it and share it with others. If an article is too long, it will be boring and readers will lose interest.

A good headline will catch the reader’s attention and give them a quick overview of what is to follow. The first paragraph, or the lede, should contain the most important facts. It should then be accompanied by a nut graph which will provide more detail on the key points. A quote from a source is an excellent way to add colour and drama to the story. However, it is a good idea to avoid using too many adjectives in the text.

It is also important to note where the information in the story has come from – for example, from an interview, court documents, the census or a Web site. The reporter should also state whether the information is active or passive. For example, ‘According to Dr Jones, who is studying the effects of malaria, this equipment was used to carry out the research’.