Trends in News Consumption

The rise of the internet has facilitated the dissemination of news in different parts of the world. This technology makes it possible for newsrooms to automate the process of news gathering and distribution. With the rise of social media, many newsrooms have also started performing news gathering on these platforms. As a result, consumers’ preferences and media consumption patterns are changing. Pew Research conducted a study to identify the changing trends in news consumption.

Despite the rise of social media platforms like Twitter, newspapers and the BBC continue to dominate the online news market. Although these new channels have become very popular, they still have the ability to influence other media and remain influential. Some of the most popular news items shared on Facebook were a recent article in the Mail Online, a YouTube video teaching dog owners how to bake dog treats, and a Telegraph infographic about the deaths of Palestinian children by Israeli forces.

While the main purpose of news is to inform and educate, the media can provide entertainment by featuring cartoons and crossword puzzles. The content of news should never be boring and must be written to engage readers.